Thursday, 27 May 2010


After centuries of folk songs written on acoustic guitars, where do you begin to write something that stands out from the rest? i believe that to write a new song which is all at once both fresh and nostalgic takes a hell of a lot of talent. And lucky me, i have one right here.

Toucans is a one man band fuelled by coffee, beer and a love of analogue,and this track God Knows I Tried is what i hope to be the first of many new recordings.

God Knows I Tried is a song which we've all had in our heads, but never had the heart to sing. Luckily, Toucans sing it with enough heart for all of us. The gritty distortion pushes country folk into new pastures, whilst deep, rhyming lyrics and rythmic acoustic guitar bring it back to that genre that we all know and love.

Don't think it's going to stop at the lo-fi folk- this guy is full of surprises. with a background of writing spanning from hard-core glitchy math rock to folk rock to stripped down country folk; This is a Toucan of many talents...

Keep your ear to the ground, Toucans are going places. knows i tried.wav

Download, put it on, and turn it up.

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